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Holiday Decorating Ideas

Jurij Sostak


There is no other way to feel the spirit of Christmas other than decorating your home. A Christmas decoration makes every room festive and there are plenty of ways to decorate your home by using different ornaments, stylish ribbons, sparkling lights and candles, the ideas are remarkably endless. Aside from that, colors also play an important role when it comes to decorating. Traditional colors like Leafy Green, Deep Red, and Snow White are commonly used during this season. It is believed to be symbolic and the perfect colors to represent festivity and celebration. Over the years, Christmas decorating has also changed and modernized making it even more fun and exciting to celebrate the holiday season. But it can be overwhelming for somewhere to start or what color theme to use when they have a wide range of options to choose from. Here are 3 factors to look at when decorating your home this Christmas season.


When choosing the right decoration for your home, you should first and foremost consider the size of your space. Believe it or not, just by picking the proper pieces can make dramatic changes to your living spaces. Some pieces can make your space jammed, while other items can be too small and will not provide much depth to your design. If you have limited space, it is safe to choose small and simple accent pieces to avoid cluttered or chaotic appearance. It is common to share room functionality in small spaces so it is better to pick items that will serve multiple functions such as decorative lighting. You may use this lights for other occasions as well and functions as additional lighting for your area. Multifunctional items can also save up to storage size. For bigger spaces, it may be wise to focus your focal points on walls or windows. Aside from a giant Christmas tree, garland and wall ornaments can create a striking effect in any home. Curtains with large patterns can also provide dramatic vibe in your living spaces.


Choosing the right color can also make the decoration extra special. Traditional festive colors are Red, Green, Gold or White which perfectly represents the color of Christmas Season. Sometimes we are seeking for something fun, fresh and new! Aside from taking the color of your interior in consideration, you might also think about the new trend in decorating. If you want an airy and light ambiance this year, go for blue tones. It is the natural color of the sea and sky and will completely give that breezy, relaxing feeling. Rose gold theme is the perfect color when aiming for soft yet elegant tones. Many people say Rose gold is the millennial color so it is perfect color if you want to go modern. The subtle glimmer effect of the Pinkish gold color brings a sophisticated feel of the holiday season.


Decorate using objects of different height and avoid using tiny decorative items. Start by hanging ornaments or stickers on windows, and building up the table with theme colored candles. You may also use decorative table mantels that will match the theme of your decoration. You can also spray paint old ornaments with your choice of color this year to save up from buying new ones. Lighting plays a big role this season too, it is the important thing that will make your room look merry and jolly! Have fun decorating and Merry Christmas!

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