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A Minimalist Approach to Elegance and Style

Jurij Sostak

What is minimalism?

Minimalism prefers to the minimal amount of something or in other words, keeping things simple.

Essentially, minimalism is simplifying and getting rid of the things that are unnecessary and focusing on the most valuable aspect of everything. Using less and having just the basic requires less time and energy to maintain. It also brings freedom and focuses to pursue your pure intention and passion. Living minimally will gradually give you peace of mind, less desire for more.


Minimalist living is not for everyone. A large part of it includes having a minimal amount of belongings, but it doesn’t only focus there. Many aspects correlate to this style of living such as the way you spend your time, your money, the way you process what you think or even how you choose things to wear and/or design your home. This lifestyle is amazing to maintain a healthy clutter-free mind and environment. Though this way of living is for sure not for everyone, there are still subtle ways for you to incorporate minimalism in your life, whether be it in fashion or how you decorate your home. There are no common rules to follow, there are no limitations because, in the end, the main goal is to just bring amazingly practical benefits for ourselves.

Apart from a lifestyle choice, minimalism can also be a person’s sense of style in fashion or how they decorate their living spaces. This includes having limited or subtle color palette, simple to no patterns and limited accessories.  It allows you to focus on the basic and essential pieces rather than having a bunch of pieces to mix and match. Finding the right pieces can give your wardrobe a boost!

These are 3 important tips on incorporating minimalism without sacrificing style:


  • 1. Keep it monotone
  • Minimalist style is all about simplicity, therefore, it is important to keep the color palette neutral with a lot of gray, nude and blush! If you are bored with the basic gray and nude, then Rose gold is your way to go!  

    When it comes to decorating your home, rose gold home decorations will give the plain white space an extreme style sparkle especially if you want to express your feminine yet elegant style. Since the pink blush is a subtle addition of golden color, this will still keep the minimalist vibe in your design. In addition, when it comes to fashion, it is also important to avoid chunky and colorful accessories, stick to the sophisticated color and style, like a simple long rose gold necklace or a plain rose gold ring that will surely complement any look!


  • 2. Focus on the essentials

    The main idea of minimalism is focusing on the basic needs and prioritizing the most important thing. When decorating our home, we tend to hoard for stuff that is not really necessary because of a lot of reasons. Most of the time we tend to chase the fast-changing fads and trends so we end up constantly buying stuff just to be on-trend. Incorporating simple and classic style home decors such as rose gold hanging lamp will change the game. The style and color are timeless and elegant at the same time!


  • 3. Multi-functional

    Living minimal means living less so it is substantial to be wise in choosing decor or accessories.     Multi-purpose items are the best choice because you can use the item in several ways. In fashion, it is essential to have an accessory that you can wear in any outfit, whether it is formal, casual or white tie attire. A basic plain necklace is a must in any wardrobe since it is very versatile, you can wear it whatever you want, add your favorite pendant or wear it as it is. This piece can never ruin your outfit.

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